Water testing industry is a high growth and high technology content market, covering a wide range of areas, from daily monitoring of drinking and source water, industrial water storage and supply system, to various civilian applications With the background of global water shortage and contamination, water monitoring is becoming an increasingly critical field of technology and commercial concerns.

With the current water testing methods mainly conducted using a series of manual operational steps in a lab set-up, it may take days to obtain testing results, introducing a huge time lag between water sample collection and teseting results that further delays the risk assessment and implementation of control measures . For many industrial applications and daily water monitoring, and even in the event of an disease outbreak, the current water testing technology is too slow to meet the stringent requirement of rapid results.


To overcome the constraints and limitation of current technologies, Fluigen Pte Ltd consolidates life science methodologies and multidisciplinary engineering, including nano/micro fabrication, thermal and microfluidics and biochemistry to provide the solution for ultra-rapid and sensitive waterborne pathogen detection with an integrated high-flux and high-recovery water sample concentration capability. Its technology concepts and achieved performances have surpassed all the existing industrial standards by a significant magnitude.