Fluigen currently has the following two products:


    High-flux and high-recovery water concentrator


This is a portable instrument capable of passing 1,000 liter of tap water in 30 minutes to a few hours (depending on the size of the pathogens to capture) and concentrate the captured particles/biological samples to 200ul to 5ml in volume for subsequent analytical procedures. This instrument is operated fully automatically, with an option of regeneratable medium for on-line water monitoring applications.




    Integra Gene Analyzer

It is an integrated waterborne pathogen detection system. This instrument is a highly portable and operates on our disposable FluidicOne card. This card is a microfluidic product utilizing principles and methods from multidisciplinary technologies ranging from nano/microfabrication, thermal and microfluidics engineering, biochemistry, genetics, fluorescent optics, micro-pumps and valves technology. The company is currently working with a few key partners developing customized instruments to suite their unique requirements.