For many water utilities around the world, ultra rapid or real-time monitoring of water quality is critically needed to ensure greater water safety for consumers. However, the currently standard methods for waterborne microbial detection are largely culture or immunofluorescence-based. Although conclusive, these methods are time-consuming, tedious and require skilled personnel. Moreover, pathogen detection in water quality samples is hampered by the low concentration of microorganisms and the complexities of the water matrices, which requires a new paradigm of water sample concentration before conducting any analytical procedure.


To achieve the integrated detection of waterborne pathogens, Fluigen Pte Ltd has developed and licensed a wide range of novel technologies:



A micro/nanofabricated pathogen flitration membrane for waterborne pathogen capture with a uniform pore size for high flux and high recovery.


A method for single step, rapid and PCR compatible pathogen viability assay.


A pathogen cell disrupting method for rapid DNA/RNA extraction.


A rapid PCR inhibitor removal technology.


A PCR array chip for simultaneous detection of a panel of pathogens.



These new technologies and related hardware modules are integrated with a microfluidic disposable card. Fluigen Pte Ltd is pursuing worldwide patent protection for its proprietary technologies.